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What makes Paqt a powerful yet simple tool for agreements?

Digital ID
Bank powered Digital ID, so that you know who are you dealing with.
Live negotiations
Easy to use & intuitive red-line process. Just highlight the text to offer your terms.
Sign documents, photos, videos, messages in-chat. Pin-code protected.
In-Chat Payments
Pay what you owe, just after signing the deal. Credit card, bank, and online payments.
Legally Binding
Download a document or extract the whole deal sequence for ultimate proof.
Efficiency tools
Labels, flags, calendars, integrations, and more - make your business routine simple.
Process automation
US-denominated smart contracts, chatbots, and automation scripts.
Document Creation
Create, upload, or select from a library in-chat. Drag & drop components and variables.

Powerful tools made easy

Create  mode
Negotiation  process


Chat glues dealmaking tools together and enables an unprecedented level of commercial collaboration.

Legal power

Edit and Sign documents in-chat.

Media content

Images, videos, and audios as part of the agreement itself.

Intuitive document creation

Create contracts, agreements, proposals, invoices, pricing schedules, and any other commercial documents.


Drag and drop elements to create any contract possible.


Enrich documents with metadata like Company Name, Price, Date and more.

Easy Redlining process with Track Changes

Avoid the extended back and forth negotiation process with our in-built negotiation tool.

Easy negotiations

Just highlight what you don’t like and click “Negotiate”.

Change track

Track changes and chronologically or by block.

Paqt deal creation flow

We’ve reimagined email for business as a chat that flows. It’s easy, it’s powerful, it has just the communication tools you need.

Chat with parties

Discuss deal and terms in chat with the parties.

Create document

Compose a document based on chat history.

Negotiate and sign

Send document to chat for all parties to sign.

Signatures are just the beginning

Enhance your dealmaking experience even after the deal is set and signed. Use payments, history extraction and document management.

Pay in chat

Make payments and send invoices right in chat

Chat extraction

Extract your full history to keep the source of truth

Share documents

Manage your relationship through sharing documents

Watch Paqt activities. Pitches, events and updates

Paqt platform walkthrough

Pitch at Entre

Houston Cyber Summit

Pitch at Founder Institute

Paqt walkthrough

Watch the full platform overview. From discussing the deal to document creation and signing.

Entre pitch event (Spring 2020)

3rd place, out of 156 teams, mostly across USA.

Hatch Pitch (October 2020)

Finale of the Houston Cyber Security Summit, chosen to pitch from hundreds of projects mostly from USA - 1st Place.

Founder Institute (Autumn 2020)

Chosen to participate in the Founder Showcase after the Graduation.

Partners and contributors

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1st place at theCyber Pitch 2020 at Houston Cyber Summit

Paqt was chosen amongst hundreds of applicants to pitch at the Cyber Pitch 2020.

October 23, 2020

How to increase productivity while working the Paqt?

Tips, shortcuts and features inside our agreement platform.

December 17, 2020

From nothing to great. How to make dealmaking enjoyable?

The way Paqt developers made to create new tool for business.

January 20, 2021

How to manage agreements, contracts and related business processes during digitalization and COVID?

This is the first blog post in Paqt’s series of letters to diligent entrepreneurs, busy dealmakers and those who make things happen.

March 11, 2021

What people say about Paqt

“Paqt has a brilliantly elegant solution to a problem I've always had as a business owner but didn't think could be fixed. Anatolii is the real deal having spent years in compliance and AML, so I know everything he does is from experience. Very excited to see what they can do and to buy from them as soon as possible!”


Will Greenblatt

Partner, CTO

Original at

“IIncredible tool. I found Paqt very easy to work with. I've tested the beta version it and it's amazing. Hugely recommended for everyone who deals with online agreements! Great potential to become a perfect tool for freelancers!”


Anton Iakovenko

Original at

“Paqt is full of potential. I believe with the right guidance and support, Paqt can disrupt how B2B external communication works today, making contract negotiation as simple as a conversation. I could see using a service such as this to make my consulting practice's agreements less burdensome for clients and myself to manage.!”


Adam Ramm

CEO, Involve Design Inc

Original at

“I had an honor to be among the very first people to get an account on Paqt and enjoy all the unique benefits of this cutting-edge platform. It makes legal negotiating and signing agreements extremely easy. Paqt team has full potential to break the ground of the legal world!”


Denys Titoruk

Original at

"I’m a software developer during the day and create websites for small businesses as a side hustle."


Tiffany Che-Yue Lam

Partner, CTO

Original at

“Anatolii and the team at Paqt are taking a unique approach to solve a problem most business have. After just a few conversations I am impressed with their ability to follow the data, take critical feedback and adjust. This is a company to be watched.”

Craig Major

The Startup Coach at TorontoStarts

Original at

“I worked with Anatolii on a few different projects and can assure he always put something of himself into every job he does. Anatolii has invested a lot of time in Paqt and for me it is a great proof that he worked, tested, refined each detail of the app and each idea before its implementation. Paqt itself is an absolutely game-changing technology, which time has come.”


Ilia Olabin

Original at

“I am more than happy to recommend Paqt. They are building a unique, chat-based solution to support accessibility to high quality legal solutions. What's particularly impressive about Paqt is their willingness to use client / prospective client feedback as the basis for their product development efforts. I am excited to see how the Paqt solution continues to evolve!”


Matt Belbeck

Original at

“This is definitely the beginning of a true market disruptor. Our experience has been great so far and as a small business owner myself this could play a big part in our future negotiations with clients and contractors. Look forward to seeing where Anatolii and his talented team take this.”


David Magaya

CEO, Involve Design Inc

Original at

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